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At their core, NFTs are simply an immutable record connecting a URL to an address. This URL can be anything: an IPFS address, a Giphy, or some JPEG hosted by a Romanian hacker. But just because the record is immutable doesn't mean the URL has to stay static.

Why not allow the NFT owner to change where the URL points at any time? We're used to this paradigm with web2 profile pictures. On Twitter, it takes all of 10 seconds to upload a new pfp. If I want a new image for my NFT though, I have to go mint a new one.

With MightyMorphs, you can own a dynamic NFT, pay gas fees once, and change the image URL any time you want. Just provide us the URL and sign the transaction with your wallet and the new image will appear across all major platforms shortly!

As an example, check out the metadata from @rjkeck2's Twitter pfp (or on Opensea). It can be dynamically changed any time and MightyMorphs handles all the updating!